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Welcome to PropSmartSA, the online property interactive system that will help you find your perfect property or venue.

Searching for the ideal property or venue?
PropSmartSA.com is dedicated to helping you find the best possible accommodation (short and long term rentals) and perfect locations for your special or corporate events.

Our aims, our passion.
Our sole aim and passion is to enable you, the client, to make an informed decision about the ideal place to stay for you, your family or your business based on your unique and special requirements and to facilitate the process perfectly. There is an extensive range of properties available to you across this wonderful country of ours and we want you to choose the best possible one for your requirements.

A portfolio of Properties to suit your requirements and your budget.
Our portfolio of properties and venues offers access to some of the most wonderful areas and locations in South Africa to suite a range of diverse requirements and budgets. Whether you are looking to broaden your holiday horizons, re-visit your favourite place, find your ideal long term location or are looking to swap the meeting room for a team building venue there is something for you at PropSmartSA.

Red Pages” your exclusive online smart directory.
We have combined along with your property search an available directory of all amenities closest to your location e.g.  Places to eat, things to do and see, stadiums, car hire etc.  We have made this effortless for you.

FIFA World Cup 2010.
The forthcoming FIFA World Cup in 2010 offers South Africa an incredible opportunity to see the world’s football stars perform for the ultimate team prize. As a fan you may be looking to find accommodation near a specific venue or you might even be considering renting your own property to well selected, exclusive guests. PropSmartSA gives you information on property locations near the stadiums and can advise you on the best possible options if you are looking to rent your property during the event.

Knowledgeable Experts, impartiality, continuous improvement.
Our team of knowledgeable experts have over 20 years experience in South African property and are there to help you at any stage. Our listing members are carefully chosen and contribute their property and venue details via a fixed subscription enabling us to be completely transparent and impartial at all times. By monitoring our listings continually we try to ensure any representations made are as accurate as possible and will always seek the feedback of our customers to make continual, ongoing improvements.

Combining the creative with the technical.
PropSmartSA is bringing you the most advanced, yet simple to use, property search and display facilities available. There is a quick site functionality tour for you to ‘receive the best from PropSmartSA as an establishment owner’.

Enjoy your holiday, long term rental or perfect corporate or social event…click click.

The PropSmartSA Client Support Team

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