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Welcome to PropSmartSA, the online property interactive system that will help you maximise your occupancy and listing potential for your property or venue.

Dedicated to helping you find clients.
PropSmartSA.com is dedicated to helping you find the best possible clients for your establishment or location through our intuitive easy to use service that accurately matches the client’s requirements with what your establishment or location has to offer.

Our aims, our passion.
Our sole aim and passion is to ensure you are able to market your property in the most effective way. We will strive to expose as many quality clients to your establishment details as possible based on the publication of accurate, well presented information. We will always try to make sure that both you and the client are fully informed to make the best possible booking decision.

A range of listing options tailored for your requirements and budget.
Based on the type of establishment you have and the way you want to market your establishment we have a range of easy to understand membership options that will ensure value for money while using our service. We combine the latest internet presentation techniques with intuitive, easy to follow functionality ensuring that you can load and edit your property details and photos quickly and effectively.

“Red Pages” your exclusive online smart directory.
To maximise the exposure of your establishment, we have included functionality whereby you may suggest  all amenities closest to your location e.g.  Places to eat, things to do and see, stadiums, car hire etc.  By including this feature, your establishment will be viewed by a number of interested clients who know precisely where they want to stay and what they are looking for.

FIFA World Cup 2010.
The forthcoming FIFA World Cup in 2010 offers South Africa an incredible opportunity to see the world’s football stars perform for the ultimate team prize. With the expected shortfall in available accommodation for spectators there is a unique opportunity to market your establishment or home with us. We will strive to ensure that any potential guest is well profiled and is right for the type of property and holiday experience you are seeking to offer for this limited time period.

Knowledgeable experts, impartiality, continuous improvement.
Our team of knowledgeable experts have over 20 years experience in South African property and are there to help you at any stage. We understand the way in which your establishment should be profiled in order to accurately reflect its qualities and to best inform our clients of the opportunities in staying with you or making that special or corporate event run smoothly and effectively. We have a philosophy of ‘continuous improvement’ and we develop this sites functionality on an ongoing basis solely to benefit you and the client.

Combining the creative with the technical.
PropSmartSA is bringing you the most advanced, yet simple to use, property search and display facilities available. There is a quick site functionality tour for you to ‘receive the best from PropSmartSA as an establishment owner’.

Assuring you of our full support at all times….click click.

The PropSmartSA Establishment Support Team

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