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PropSmartSA is a property website that connects clients and providers online. PropSmartSA offers clients short and long term rental accommodation as well as corporate and private event venues. The forthcoming FIFA World Cup in 2010 will also attract significant interest for visitors and establishment owners. There is also an extensive online directory of related products, attractions and services. 

The site is utilised extensively by both clients and providers (establishment owners and estate agents) from South Africa however the site is also advertised overseas to attract the considerable visitor market opportunity there.

There are a limited number of advertising opportunities from PropSmartSA and these are strategically located throughout the website.

A significant brand awareness opportunity for your product or business
  • Highly targeted and segmented audience – clients and establishment owners in South Africa
  • Advertising can be linked to specific financial or geographical profiles
  • Regular advertising in main property publications in South Africa bringing considerable qualified site visitors
  • We aim to reach an audience of circa 500’000
  • Extensive, budgeted email and direct mail strategy for 2009 and beyond
  • Focus on search engine prominence through sponsorship and electronic site promotion
  • Regular promotional events across South Africa
  • Advertisers are chosen by product sector so no banner ad competition
  • A choice of advertising packages to suit budget and objectives which includes a choice of advert sizes and positioning.
  • The opportunity to become a ‘site partner’ or to customise your advertising with us for a more tailored approach to working with PropSmartSA
PropSmartSA.com offers the following advert sizes and positions

Landing page adverts

4 small premium adverts available and are non-rotational
Advert Size: 105px x 50px

Other site adverts:

1 large advert available that is rotational
Advert size: 230px x 100px
4 small adverts available that are rotational
Advert size: 105px x 50px

Price: Available upon request at advertise@propsmartsa.com

Note: Terms and conditions apply

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